About Farming the Sun

Farming the Sun is Australia’s most diverse community solar energy initiative. It is a large-scale collaboration coordinated by Starfish Initiatives and in 2011 was awarded a NSW Government Green Globe Award for its contribution to sustainability.

More than 700 installations have been completed totaling some 2.5MW of solar power and nearly 150 solar hot water and solar thermal heating and cooling systems. We’ve also provided training for more than three dozen tradespeople and a huge amount of community awareness and education in sustainable energy.

Farming the Sun’s success proves the power of partnerships and collaboration. Together with the project partners, significant step-changes have been achieved in the take-up of solar energy technologies, reduced greenhouse emissions and regional economic benefits.

Farming the Sun is currently assessing potential new programs and projects. There are no current community solar offers at this time.

Lismore Community Solarfarms fully operational!

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