Are you an Impact Investor?

We are seeking up to 40 impact investors who:

    • are inspired by local, ethical, responsible and fossil fuel free investments
    • see themselves taking on, or building upon, a high profile leadership role in renewable energy
    • want to leverage the significant public profile of these projects to further build community capacity and engagement throughout Lismore and beyond.

This leadership will be especially embodied by the investors who take on the Directorship roles on the Boards of each of the community companies.


The private investment offers are open as of 28th June 2016.  The offers will remain open until 22 August 2016, or may close sooner if fully subscribed.

The investment offers are distributed to all the geniunely interested potential investors on the private “PLEDGE” list.

To join the pledge list, and to receive digital copies of the investment offers, please contact Susanna Carpi on | 0401956710.

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