Farming the Sun does not currently have any active community solar bulk-buy programs.

Farming the Sun has coordinated nine community solar bulk-buy programs, with more than 800 installations to date. The bulk-buy programs have offered solar power, storage, solar hot water and solar-thermal heating and cooling systems.

The purpose of Farming the Sun’s community bulk-buys is to significantly increase the understanding, affordability and take-up of solar energy technologies by making available a discounted bulk offering of high quality, solar power and hot water systems.

We have negotiated the best possible discounts on top tier quality solar power and solar hot water technologies, installation and warranties. Our solar power packages could also be upgraded to add battery storage. Farms and businesses were also eligible for each of the programs.

As a community program, our focus first and foremost is education. We’re working to increase the understanding of energy issues and the sustainable options that are available to generate and use energy. By ‘sustainable’ we are talking about affordability and comfort as well as being environmentally sound.

Farming the Sun further contributes to the long-term sustainability of the regions it works in by setting aside “1% for Sustainability” ~ being 1% of the project income from each bulk-buy to fund future sustainability initiatives in each region.

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Farming the Sun would like to acknowledge and thank all of our Project Partners who provide valuable support in helping us spread the word far and wide throughout our communities and regions about these affordable community solar programs.

Benefits for Community & Business

Energy, and the many functions it provides, is an essential need and a foundation for our quality of life.

NSW still sources the bulk of its electricity from coal-fired power stations. New coal and gas mines are directly threatening prime agricultural land, endangered species of flora and fauna, as well as creating serious risks to the Murray Darling Basin and Great Artesian Basin water supplies. The growing impacts of climate change are just as serious considerations for our energy options, including increasing local temperatures and more extreme variability in storm activity and rainfall patterns.

As part of our programs we provide educational information, presentations and forums to increase the understanding of solar energy technology and the sustainability issues associated with different energy choices.

Installing solar energy technologies is one of the most affordable ways to reduce both household and business costs at the same time as reducing environmental impacts.

It is our view that solar energy is profoundly more sustainable than either coal or gas power.

Bulk-buy program installations

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